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Vape-Ape is dedicated to bringing free thinking individuals stylish high quality vaporizers and reliable products for personal use.  


We are a family-run business with customer satisfaction in mind.  We purchase most of our products from local suppliers. Learn more about us. Browse through the gallery showcasing some of the many products we carry. We promise you will find unique quality items for an affordable price.

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Vape Ape is dedicated to bringing free thinking individuals stylish high quality glass globe vaporizers, eSkillets and reliable products for personal use at wholesale prices.

Our Top Selling Vaporizer is the Vape Ape Glass Globe
The Vape Ape Glass Globe is what everyone wants. It is the newest technology available for your waxy oil needs. The new Vape Ape Glass Globe design is aesthetically pleasing to our customers and all of our kits come complete with the necessary supplies to get you vaping in no time.
Our Products:

Vape Ape Glass Globe Kit
Vape Ape Waxy Oil Atomizer
Vape Ape Oil-liquid Pen Kit
Vape Ape Dry Herb Vaporizers
Vaporizer Parts & Accesorries
Vape Ape Stealth Skillet


What is a Vaporizer and how do they work?
In layman's terms, a vaporizer is a device (often referred to as a "vape pen") that simply heats the plant material or herbs into a vapor that is then inhaled by the user. The active ingredients themselves are not being burned directly directly and you do not get the harmful smoke in your lungs that traditional smoking methods include. Vaping is a great alternative to those looking to be a little more safe and healthy while enjoying their herbs or waxy oils. It also does not harm people with unhealthy second hand smoke. At Vape Ape we have many different vaporizers for all consumers to choose from but our number one recommendation is the Vape Ape Glass Globe designed for waxy oils.
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